Our Story

25 Years Of Jellycat Jack

Born in London. Loved worldwide.

For a quarter of a century, we have shared the joy of Jellycat toys with people of all ages, across the globe. Over this time, our unmistakable characters have gained the affection of millions – and center stage in many of the most prestigious stores across 77 countries. 


Our designers play until something magical and unexpected happens – and a new character is born! We source beautiful materials that are noticeably softer, subtler and long-lasting.


Our mission is to put a smile on your face. Let's see if we can.


What makes a Jellycat special?

Perhaps it is the way they sit in your hand, the expression that speaks a thousand words or the feeling of holding one close to you… The answer is different for everyone.

And that is the magic.

The History of Jellycat (As far as we know)

The Jellycat family goes back to the dawn of time. Right back to the birth of the very first potato.


In the beginning they were more of a tribe; a wild crew, bursting with fun and always, always ready to play. 

With each new generation, a single cat was crowned with a special Jelly hat - their symbol of joy. It reminded the family to treasure their playful natures and always share joy with others.


The number nine is special to cats, so in 1999, the ninth generation of cat opened the Jellycat Studios in London, to share joy with the whole world through toys, accessories, books, music, films and social media.


The ninth cat is called Jack Jellycat. He is touring the world this year to tell this story and celebrate 25 years of Jellycat Studios.